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A.P.C. New Cures – Year and a half

We’ve had a few people post about their A.P.C.’s on Rumcake, well actually just Garrett & John, but I thought I’d join anyway. My New Cures were the first pair of raw denim jeans I ever bought (I should tell … Continue reading

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How I became stylish and rugged by trying to be lazy.

By John Vieira I have a pair of jeans that I love. That I genuinely care about. Which is weird. I love the idea of style. I have a Zegna suit, and I know that I look sharp every time … Continue reading

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Momotaro x Naked and Famous

Naked and Famous does it again. I’ve always been a big fan of the brand, from purchasing a pair of their grey selvedge Weird Guy’s a year ago, to writing about them numerous times here. Jordan and I were in … Continue reading

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Store Profile: Jean Shop

I had grand expectations that I’d be able to stop into a few different denim stores while in New York and actually, you know, do some shopping. However, reality came crashing down in the form of dreaded work, leaving me … Continue reading

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Naked and Famous Fall/Winter 2011

My love affair with Naked and Famous just grew a little deeper. Hypebeast TV scored a great interview with the brand’s founder, Brandon Svarc, to go over their F/W ’11 collection. I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy their odd … Continue reading

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Evisu 20th Anniversary Denim

I purchased my first pair of Evisu Jeans a few months ago. Much to my dismay, the brand is releasing a 20th anniversary denim assortment as a part of their Spring/Summer collection and has a pair that looks almost identical … Continue reading

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New Standards: Three Months

3 Months of Wear. 0 Washes. What can I say? Well, it has been another month and I have yet to wash my jeans. Before I begin to discuss the denim, I feel it’s necessary to remind people how fast … Continue reading

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GQ Exposes the Raw Truth

I’m loving this witty post by GQ’s Andrew Richdale about college student Josh Le. While you may have read about Le’s 15 month raw denim adventure here already, this write up is worth sharing. I’m especially fond of the point about bacteria … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Video of Raw Denim

ABC News recently profiled Canadian college student Josh Le, who wore his Nudie jeans for 15 months without washing them. This report, while shocking to some, is common fare for most denim enthusiasts. It’s generally understood that it is best … Continue reading

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Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones & Tea

Most Gen Y kids know what I’m talking about… forums, chat rooms, MySpace, Facebook and every other known digital medium used to express an idea to the masses has become immensely popular in recent decades. So popular in fact, that … Continue reading

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