Dispatch at the Greek Theater

I remember the first time I heard the band Dispatch in high school. I had yet to be introduced to indie music and this new band had a funky sound that somehow struck a cord with me. Discovering Dispatch perhaps changed my taste in music and instilled an appreciation for quality independent bands that hasn’t gone away to this day. While they technically broke up years ago, the trio sometimes tour and played a show at the Greek theater this evening. I remember telling myself in high school that if they ever got back together, that I’d go see a show. Tonight was that night.


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Warriors of Radness – Marina Del Rey Video

I’m a huge fan of this quick and fun video from so cal brand Warriors of Radness. Enjoy and happy Saturday!


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The Last Bookstore

I love books. Since purchasing my iPad 2 three months ago, I’ve only read one book electronically. Honestly, the incentive isn’t there for me. The price is only marginally less expensive than a print copy, and when there are amazing independent bookstores in the world, I like to support small businesses. Enter The Last Bookstore.

I came across The Last Bookstore while exploring Downtown Los Angeles as a tourist would. No car, only my backpack to keep me busy, I walked over 10 miles and found myself a few feet from a pipe bomb explosion. No wonder this city gets a bad rap! Anyway, The Last Bookstore is housed in a cavernous warehouse space, vaulted ceilings and thrift store furniture give the space a decidedly post-apocalyptic feel. Lining the shelves are wonderful photography and art books, modern and classic fiction, historical non-fictional and genre specific texts. Sounds like Barnes and Noble, you say? Here’s the difference. First, many of the titles can be had for $1. I didn’t see a single book for more than $10 and it was a first-edition hardcover. Secondly, I found books in The Last Bookstore that I’ve struggled to find at Barnes & Noble and Borders for months. Sure, I could’ve ordered them online, but part of the fun of reading books is finding them… Checking the mail isn’t the same as spotting a hidden gem stacked in the corner of an offbeat bookstore like this one.

If you’re downtown, check out The Last Bookstore at their new location (453 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Bring $5 and walk out with some great stories.


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E3 2011

Had the opportunity to visit the Electronic Entertainment Expo, almost universally known as E3. What an amazing energy this place has! Nintendo and Microsoft stole the show for me, building three story gaming structures where you could play all of the latest and greatest gadgets. I took a couple snaps with my iPhone, take a look if it’s of interest.

Sony’s SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) and PlayStation booths had a ton of gaming setups to play upcoming titles for their systems.

CapCom installed this massive monitor where you could watch gameplay of Resident Evil, among other titles. If you were patient enough to wait in line, you had your chance at fame and fortune on the big screen.

The PlayStation PS Vita lounge, promoting PlayStation’s new handheld gaming device, looked like a scene out of “The Fifth Element”.


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Musings on Life, Success and the Big City

My friend Kate recently wrote an article on her experience living in Manhattan. It made me think about my time spent in LA and the constant lifestyle tug of war a lot of us 20 somethings wrestle with on a daily basis.

For most of us living in large metropolitan areas, no opportunity is truly out of reach. But I can’t help but wonder if this abundance of options leads to a very bizarre feeling of paralysis that often keeps us in one spot or another for longer than originally intended.

Anyhow, I read this earlier and wanted to share it with all of you. If for nothing else, it’s a quick read that should stir some new thoughts on life and the way you’re living it.

Leaving Manhattan – Kate Westervelt


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Nike Chosen Video

The quote from Nike describing the video says it all “Paul Rodriguez, Julian Wilson, Danny Kass and the rest of the Nike team take the stage in the mother of all night jam sessions.” Killer video.


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Trailer Tuesday: “The Vow”

I like sappy love stories. Sure, I’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years and I can blame my love for rom-com films on that, but the truth is, I would’ve seen Dear John if I were single.

Well, The Vow looks amazing. Starring one of my favorite actors, Channing Tatum (if you haven’t seen A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints then please refrain from your criticisms), alongside the beautiful Rachel McAdams, The Vow is about a couple picking up the pieces after a car accident leaves one of them with severe amnesia. The film was written by the writers of He’s Just Not That Into You and Valentine’s Day, and it’s like they got tired of marginally successful efforts with ensemble casts and decided to cast two hugely popular actors in a painfully romantic movie.

My favorite quote from the trailer: “How do you look at the girl you love and tell yourself that it’s time to walk away?”


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Club Monaco Aiden Cardigan

I’ve been looking for a good fitting cardigan for a long time. The usual suspects like J.Crew, Gap, Banana, even H&M and Zara weren’t offering up anything that either fit well or was in the right price range. On a recent trip to the Beverly Center, Jordan suggested we walk into Club Monaco and check out their Summer ’11 collection. After taking a minute to adjust to the incredibly beige color palette of this season’s assortment, the lovely sales lady picked out the striped Aiden cardigan for me to try. It fit perfectly and happened to be on sale. Jordan snapped a few photos below.


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What I’m Listening To – Torches

I first learned about Foster the People months ago when their first single “Pumped Up Kicks” saw some radio play on KROQ. I liked it enough to purchase their EP a little while later, and subsequently liked that enough to pick up their album a few days ago. It reminds me a little of Passion Pit’s “Manners” in a weird way (I’m no music expert, I leave that to much more experienced minds). In any case, if you haven’t already, take a listen to my new favorite song and think seriously about buying the album or even seeing them live… if you can find tickets.


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What I’m Listening To – Codes and Keys

Death Cab for Cutie’s new album is simply awesome. Bolstered by pre-released hit single, “You Are a Tourist,” the band continues to deliver high quality music that only gets better with age. NPR allowed people to stream the entire album weeks ago, but I just recently purchased it and listened on quality speakers. I give it top marks and suggest you pick it up immediately. If you’re a superfan, be sure to check them out on tour this summer, there may still be tickets left at larger venues across the country.


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