Street Style: The Importance of Tailoring

The easiest was to refresh your wardrobe and instantly improve your appearance is to take your store bought goods to the tailor and make them appear to be bespoke garments. This can be an expensive process, but in most major cities there are dozens of alterations outfits and provided you don’t require full reconstruction of a blazer, for example, the costs can be kept to a minimum.

First, start with the items that you wear regularly. The basics: your favorite pair of dark denim, chinos, a couple of oxford shirts and perhaps a sport coat. The goal is for the tapered pants that you purchased at the store to actually taper to your leg. Every person has a different shape, and while we approximate what fits well at the store, with a bit of tailoring every garment you wear can fit you perfectly. In the image below I am wearing a pair of chinos from Club Monaco (purchased for $13) and a button-up from H&M, a brand that rarely fits my frame well. The thing that makes this outfit look good isn’t that the pieces are exceptional, it’s a combination of color and fit. All told, including alterations, this outfit was had for under $40 (save for the shoes). I can now mix & match each piece with other articles in my wardrobe and know with confidence that the fit will be perfect on my imperfect & difficult to shop for body.


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