Dispatch at the Greek Theater

I remember the first time I heard the band Dispatch in high school. I had yet to be introduced to indie music and this new band had a funky sound that somehow struck a cord with me. Discovering Dispatch perhaps changed my taste in music and instilled an appreciation for quality independent bands that hasn’t gone away to this day. While they technically broke up years ago, the trio sometimes tour and played a show at the Greek theater this evening. I remember telling myself in high school that if they ever got back together, that I’d go see a show. Tonight was that night.


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2 Responses to Dispatch at the Greek Theater

  1. james says:

    I was there too. It was great but my sons had to leave right after they played the general and just before they started the encore. Please tell me which songs they played in the encore performance and how it was so I can eat my heart out.

  2. The encore was so perfect. They played Cut it Ya Match It, Flying Horses and my personal favorite Elias. Chad and Brad actually wound up walking into the audience and singing parts of Match It from the seats in the way back of the theater, then walking down the center aisle and onto stage.

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