The Last Bookstore

I love books. Since purchasing my iPad 2 three months ago, I’ve only read one book electronically. Honestly, the incentive isn’t there for me. The price is only marginally less expensive than a print copy, and when there are amazing independent bookstores in the world, I like to support small businesses. Enter The Last Bookstore.

I came across The Last Bookstore while exploring Downtown Los Angeles as a tourist would. No car, only my backpack to keep me busy, I walked over 10 miles and found myself a few feet from a pipe bomb explosion. No wonder this city gets a bad rap! Anyway, The Last Bookstore is housed in a cavernous warehouse space, vaulted ceilings and thrift store furniture give the space a decidedly post-apocalyptic feel. Lining the shelves are wonderful photography and art books, modern and classic fiction, historical non-fictional and genre specific texts. Sounds like Barnes and Noble, you say? Here’s the difference. First, many of the titles can be had for $1. I didn’t see a single book for more than $10 and it was a first-edition hardcover. Secondly, I found books in The Last Bookstore that I’ve struggled to find at Barnes & Noble and Borders for months. Sure, I could’ve ordered them online, but part of the fun of reading books is finding them… Checking the mail isn’t the same as spotting a hidden gem stacked in the corner of an offbeat bookstore like this one.

If you’re downtown, check out The Last Bookstore at their new location (453 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Bring $5 and walk out with some great stories.


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One Response to The Last Bookstore

  1. Anna says:

    Great discovery!!!

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