Profile: Remy Shand

In high school, I spent every morning watching music videos over breakfast. It’s common for people to be reluctant to share new music, wanting to keep their favorite artists a treasured secret. However, being that Remy Shand did make it onto VH1 Soul for a few weeks back in 2002, I figure it’s safe to discuss his talent. After all, maybe Remy will read this blog and decide to return to the music scene.

Remy Shand is a Canadian soul artist who just so happened to release one of the best modern soul albums ever recorded. It was unlikely enough that Shand, the home-schooled child of Irish/Italian descent, would sign to Motown. It was even more unlikely that after the release of his debut album The Way I Feel, Shand would completely disappear. His whereabouts are presently unknown and his sophomore followup, tentatively titled Day In The Shade, is 9 years overdue. This hiatus makes Maxwell seem more ubiqutous than Ryan Seacrest…

So why should you care? For one, by age 12 Remy had already mastered guitar and bass, and would go on to play every single instrument (drums/piano/horns/organs) on his debut album, produced largely in his basement. Simply put, the man is the epitome of talent and I’ve waited too long for his second album. So here, I’m saying it: Remy, please return.


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