Angel City Brewing – Downtown LA

It’s no secret that while Jordan is busy staying healthy making delicious treats like protein pancakes, I’m probably out drinking beer. It’s not something I’m apologetic about as it affords me the opportunity to discover cool new places like Angel City Brewing in downtown.

For those of you who know Wurstkuche (the spot where you can enjoy rattlesnake sausage as it’s known in some circles), you may have already walked by Angel City. I visited both establishments for some post work libations on Friday and was quite impressed. However, Angel City was the place that really caught my attention.

You’ll have a chance to walk around a massive open-air loading dock and enjoy really cool art (my knowledge of art spans two categories, that which I define as “really cool” or “lame”) while you drink beer and make conversation. Simply perfect. Angel City also uses this hybrid space to brew its ale and had four great options on tap, ranging from light to dark. Tina enjoyed a lighter hefe-weizen with a faint banana after taste, while I opted for the darker Angel City Dunkel, both delicious.

If you’re willing to venture downtown, stop by Angel City Brewing for some really cool art and some even cooler brews.

Angel City Brewing
216 S Alameda St (At Traction)
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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