Healthy Protein Pancakes

I have an affinity for all things sweet and filled with carbohydrates. Being that I enjoy feeling and looking fit, I developed a recipe for a healthy protein pancake, perfect for a post-workout meal or snack. This recipe is simple, but I promise that they pancakes taste delicious. Here’s how it works…

Take a large bowl and toss in 4oz. of Greek yogurt. I use non-fat, which still packs most of the protein without all of the calories. Ultimately, you’re not going to notice a difference in taste or texture here. Next, pour in a half-cup of egg whites. Buying organic makes me feel better about egg-whites in a carton, but it shouldn’t make a difference at all. Add four tablespoons of whole-wheat flour or oat flour and a dash of almond or vanilla extract. Mix it all up, heat up a dab of margarine on a non-stick pan and pour your batter in the center, allowing the pancake to form into a natural circular shape. On medium-low heat these pancakes cook in about 4 minutes, two-minutes per side. That said, the heat on your stove will vary, so a good rule of thumb is to watch for the bubbles to start forming and flip.

This recipe makes three reasonably large pancakes. I add sugar-free syrup because I’m a calorie-freak and don’t mind the potential repercussions of Splenda, but feel free to splurge on regular syrup of even add some chocolate chips if your sweet tooth requires it. You’re still coming out ahead and it won’t make that much of a difference. Enjoy!

By my count, here is the nutritional info:

Calories: 300 // Fat: <1g // Carbs: 30g // 28g

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2 Responses to Healthy Protein Pancakes

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  2. Anna says:

    These pancakes are delish!

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