Tanner Goods – Portland, OR

At some point this summer, I’ll be heading home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Portland in the summer normally means a lot of good coffee and beer, seeing family and friends and waterskiing. However, after checking out a great local clothing store called Blake during my last visit, I now have another category of things to do… scope out awesome shops.

Enter Tanner Goods, a Portland institution known for fine leather work. I first heard about this place when I started wearing raw denim, as the small team of craftsmen hand make the heavy leather labels for plenty of large name brands, including Jordan’s recent denim purchase by San Francisco brand Tellason.

I think the product I’m most interested in checking out is their bifold wallet. It’s been a few years since I picked up a new billfold, and investing in quality is paramount for men as this is an essential everyday piece. I’m torn between the Natural and Saddle Tan options, but I’m sure one will catch my eye in person.

If you’re in the Portland area, check out Tanner Goods and support quality local craftsmanship at its finest. I know I will be soon enough.

Tanner Goods / The Woodlands
114 NW 3rd Ave.
Portland, Ore. 97209


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