Complex’s “Best Black Denim For Spring”

My friend Brandon sent me this list featured on Complex Magazine’s online fashion blog and wanted my input. Never mind the fact that black denim is much better suited to winter & fall than the springtime, the list was published May 3rd, more than a month into spring with summer fast approaching! Looking past the editorial faux pas, I like the idea of a “Best Black Denim” list.

Zara offers raw superskinny black denim, which is awesome, but I usually opt for traditional denim when it comes to black. Why? I don’t particularly like the 80’s wear patterns that develop, just not as graceful as blue indigo.

If I were to buy raw black denim, it’d be Dior Homme. They’d cost you well over $500, but you’d be rocking the most classic fitting slim pant ever made. Plus, the craftsmanship is truly topnotch.

Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention Cheap Monday in a conversation about black jeans. For value and fit, they are unparalleled. Are they going to last as long as the Dior Homme jeans? No. But for just over $50 you’ll have a great pair of pants that will look fantastic, and how often do you wear black denim anyway?


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