Drink of Choice: Manhattan

Lately I’ve been preferring a new cocktail when I’m out. A friend introduced me to the Manhattan a while back and as a gift, left me with a bottle of Vermouth Rosso upon his departure from Los Angeles. The bottle sat on a shelf in my place until recently, when I rediscovered it and decided to mix myself a drink to try my hand at bartending. The result was very enjoyable.

A Manhattan can be made any number of ways. However, the traditional cocktail uses the following ingredients:

Sweet Vermouth

Whiskey (Rye or Bourbon)


Mix the three into a small tumbler glass on ice OR shake with ice and pour into a large martini glass. I prefer the tumbler simply because I don’t enjoy drinking out of a martini glass (for mostly logistical reasons but also because it looks incredibly feminine) but you should do as you please.


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2 Responses to Drink of Choice: Manhattan

  1. Thomas Hall says:

    Makers Mark, my friend. Makers Mark.

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