New Shoes: Cole Haan

We haven’t posted anything of an overtly sartorial nature lately, so I decided to share my latest footwear acquisition with you this fine Sunday morning. Now that Summer is upon us, it’s wedding season. I’ll admit, I rarely go to weddings, but it seems for the first time ever I have two in my planner for this summer. Scary. Anyways, I thought a light pair of oxfords might be nice for a fresh Summer wedding outfit. Enter the Cole Haan Air Colton Wingtips.

First things first, these shoes are incredibly comfortable. Parent company Nike provided their Air Sole technology to make these feel like you’re walking on pillows. Next, the wingtip is understated, with no embellishment on the toe itself and the pattern largely concealed by the light ivory colorway. Lastly, I love the wood sole and large heel, it just exudes class. I chose white simply because I have a pair of chocolate brown wingtips and I felt these would go well with just about anything (I even tried them with a pair of khaki chinos and it surprisingly paired quite nicely).

For those of you looking for a nice summer dress shoe, I suggest checking out Cole Haan.


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