Healthy Dining Finder

While Scott and I started this blog as a place to showcase our love for menswear, every once and awhile we’ll discuss other aspects of our lives that we deem important. For me, maintaining a healthy diet is something that I work at every day. When I met Scott in 2005, I weighed close to 275lbs. By the close of 2006, I was 170lbs, a weight that I’ve maintained (more or less) over the past five years. I accomplished this goal in part through a rigorous workout schedule, but primarily because I took an earnest look at my food intake and wanted to make real changes.

I came across the Healthy Dining Finder in college, and I consult it whenever I move to find restaurants offering healthy fare nearby. I don’t always have time or energy to cook, and having food that complements my lifestyle makes maintaining my fitness level a lot easier. You’ll see fast food restaurants and chains pop up, and at the very least you’ll learn which menu items are the best choices, but you also might find a great restaurant standby for your healthy takeout needs. I found the The Flame Broiler years ago and it was love at first bite.

Edit: Scott suggested that I add a before & after photo to this post. It was difficult to find accurate before photos because I untagged the strong majority on Facebook. I was able to find this one, probably because at the time I convinced myself that I looked buff and not fat, which I assure you was not the case. Anyway, sorry for the low-quality images, but here ya go!

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1 Response to Healthy Dining Finder

  1. Thomas Hall says:


    Got to give some props to Bruce and that boxing training regimen for that move to a more healthy lifestyle. Right?

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