Top 5: Los Angeles Bars

I like this Saturday tradition of providing you with completely irrelevant top five lists. Long ago I figured you’d stop caring, but it looks like that’s not the case (something I thank you for, really) so J and I will keep writing them. With that, I give you my favorite LA Bars.


5. Tropicana Bar Roosevelt Hotel – 7000 Hollywood Blvd
I’ll admit, sometimes this place is hit and miss, but I love it anyways. The drinks are far too expensive for what you get, but there’s no cover and always plenty of outdoor seating next to fire pits. A DJ is always spinning some top 40 and everyone is generally friendly. I find myself coming here for a drink or two and always leaving with a smile.

4. The Dime – 442 N Fairfax

Right next door to Rumcake favorite’s burger spot, Golden State, there’s hole in the wall spot that isn’t exceptional in any particular way, but great in a plethora of others. The drinks are strong, moderately priced, served by pretty bartenders who will actually talk to you and the clientele tends to be less “pretentious LA douche” than most.

3. Wellesbourne – 10929 W Pico

Jordan showed me this place a few months ago and I instantly became a fan. If you live on the west side, or are willing to drive a little out your way, stop into the Wellesbourne for a fantastic Old Fashioned and some shuffleboard and pool.

2. The Edison – 108 W 2nd St.

Most have stopped by the Edison at one point or another as it’s almost become an LA right of passage. The basement boiler room atmosphere is cool and dressing like you’re in a 1920’s speakeasy is something of the norm. Pick up a small bottle of absinthe from the nice cart-pushing lady dressed like a ferry and have a great time in downtown… just try to avoid getting lost as you leave.

1. Sheddy’s – 361 S Fairfax

My friend Kasey introduced me to this place a few years ago, and perhaps spawned my interest in Fairfax village. The decor is dark and moody. Deep crimson, velvet and low light provide all the atmosphere you may need. Whenever I bring people here, I make them try the Tangerine Beer. To my surprise, a few people have expressed their distaste for the fruity ale, but I’m a big proponent as it reminds me of the terrific craft beers found back in Portland. The owner is a Canadian ex pat who wears hockey jerseys and is exceptionally friendly. I will support this place as long as I live in LA.

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