Top 5: Shoe Brands

Continuing on, I’ve decided to write my next Top 5 list for your enjoyment and my amusement… or maybe it’s the other way around? I’m not sure. In any case, below is a list of my top 5 shoe brands, with a few images.


5. Vans

This Orange County skate brand has been taking care of skaters, rockers, young people, old people and practically everyone in between for years. Who didn’t own a pair of slip ons at some point in their youth? I’ve been holding on to the same pairs of Authentics and Half Cabs for over a year now and continually find myself gravitating to them when I want to feel casual and comfortable.

4. Clarks

Desert boots are about as versatile as they are classy. Purchase them in any neutral brown color (tan suede or chocolate brown leather are good bets), and you’ve got yourself sharp footwear that pairs well with denim or chinos.

3. Aldo

Ah Aldo. Jordan and I love this brand, as our purchase history can attest. It’s difficult to narrow this down to one style, as I’m partial to my espresso wingtips but Jordan will say his Horsford boots are the better choice. Maybe that’s why I love this brand so much, not only are the shoes quality, but there are so many to choose from as well.

2. Sperry

A passion for the sea… I guess. I rarely wear my boat shoes on boats, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock them wherever I go. I’ve been wearing the low cut versions for years, and just recently warmed to a pair of navy Chukkas, pictured below. This timeless brand will forever be a staple in my wardrobe.

1. Nike

This number one spot was a given. I’ve been wearing Nikes, in every way shape and form, since I was walking. In high school it was casual low tops, college brought the sneaker-head phase and my fascination with dunks, then sometime after came the high top craze. I love Nike sneakers, and that’s not simply because I’m from Portland.

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