Tellason Denim

Tony Patella and Pete Searson founded Tellason Denim with one goal in mind: producing fine raw denim using American goods and labor. Sourced from Cone Mills’ famed White Oak factory in North Carolina, the denim is cut and sewn in San Francisco. All leather is produced by Tanner Goods, a Portland based company. I found my pair on clearance for $65 at the Barney’s Company Store in Palm Springs, marked down from an original $200. Here are my initial reactions:

The sanforized denim has a nice feel, much thicker than my previous pairs of raw denim. The cut isn’t extremely skinny, more of a slim straight. I traditionally wear a 33 in khakis, but I sized down to a 32 and the jeans, while tight, aren’t unbearable. I’m looking forward to seeing the wear patterns develop. I’m hopeful that the combination of denim stretching and my hitting the gym again will leave me with a comfortable fit within the month.


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2 Responses to Tellason Denim

  1. Tony Patella says:

    Hi Jordan: Thanks for the kind words, I think you’ll like the way those break-in. That’s quite a price you paid! Hell, I’d buy them at that price…
    Tony // Tellason

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