Trailer Tuesday – How to Live Forever

At the Santa Barbara Film Festival last year, I was fortunate enough to catch a screening of an incredibly interesting documentary by filmmaker Mark Wexler called How to Live Forever. The premise was simple, let’s explore other people’s thoughts on life, death, aging and the concept of immortality. Wexler interviewed some fascinating people, my favorite of which was Buster who is briefly featured below (along with one of Jordan’s heroes, Jack Lalanne). While scrolling through Apple trailers as I so frequently do when I’m bored, I noticed that How to Live Forever was featured, it seems that the small documentary has been picked up and will be showing in LA and New York in May. If you have a chance, try to see this movie. It’s an eye opener and Wexler is a class act, as evident by the great Q&A session he gave us last year after the screening.


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3 Responses to Trailer Tuesday – How to Live Forever

  1. Scott,
    I’m the producer of marketing and distribution on HOW TO LIVE FOREVER, and I work with filmmaker Mark Wexler. Thank you so much for sharing the trailer! We really appreciate all of your support in helping us get the word out. In addition to NY and LA, the film will be coming out in many cities across the country through June. I’m glad you found the trailer and iTunes and hope we can count on your continued support. All the best.
    – Stephen

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