Falcon Motorcycles

A motorcycle is a hallmark of American masculinity. As horses were replaced by passenger cars, real men stuck to motorbikes. Dangerous, reckless, motorcycles are every mother’s worst nightmare. I grew up loving cruisers, while Scott prefers sport bikes, but regardless of which kind of motorcycle you favor, the consensus reached is the same: they’re cool.

Enter Falcon Motorcycles, a Los Angeles based outfit producing beautiful and unique two-wheeled machines. Each bike is completely custom, the styling and engines based on vintage British motorcycles from the 1950s or earlier. They received a great deal of attention after their Bullet motorcycle won a series of awards. That bike, commissioned by actor and Rum Cake favorite Jason Lee, was sold as the first in a limited edition series of 10 custom bikes. The bikes are manufactured in downtown Los Angeles by founders Ian Barry and Amaryllis Knight.

You may want to hide your credit cards before you visit their website.


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