Films We Love – Alfie

Despite his personal flaws, Jude Law is a great actor. One of my personal favorite movies is his 2004 comedy Alfie. Law plays a charming rake who drives a limo, has sex with beautiful women and dresses impeccably. Jordan once told me that the recent skinny suit trend started because of a crafty art director who dressed Law in slimmer cut clothes because that’s what his character in the movie would have done. I recently watched Alfie again and was just as entertained as I was in the beginning, possibly due in part to the awesome opening monologue. If you haven’t seen this film, run over to your local Blockbuster (kidding), or download it (legally of course!) from wherever you download your online content and enjoy. Oh, and if anything I just said wasn’t enough motivation, do it for the scene featuring a scantily clad Sienna Miller.


Jordan’s Note: The decision to dress Alfie in small, tight fitting suits was a creative choice to reflect Alfie’s economic situation. He references this in the film, but the character mostly acquired these big ticket, designer items at sample sales and thus would rarely find a “perfect” fit. Better too slim than too loose, the Alfie look was born and has been copied by fashion houses like H&M ever since.

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