Favorite LA Restaurants: Scott

I like the idea of Top 5 lists. They’re easy to read, easy to write, and they adaquately convey multiple thoughts in a concise method. There will be more of these, but I wanted to kick it off by highlighting my favorite LA restaurants.

Bear in mind, these aren’t the best restaurants in the city, simply the ones I either frequent or thoroughly enjoy. Jordan had no input on this, and will likely counter with his own list.


5. Golden State – 426 N Fairfax Ave

I’m an unabashed lover of Fairfax village, hamburgers and beer. Mix all of the three and you have an automatic top five spot. Jordan and I wrote about Golden State as one of the first posts ever here at Rumcake, and we continue to frequent this spot as often as possible. If you ask me there’s really only one thing to order: The Burger (the house burger is simply called, The Burger) and a stout on tap. Don’t forget to throw a little curry catchup on your fries and call it a day.

4. Pollo a la Brasa – 764 S Western Ave

As far as authentic hole-in-the-wall places go, this one is near the top. Driving north on Western towards home every night, I smell the massive wood burning oven and my mouth starts watering. Pick up a rotisserie grilled half chicken, fries, salad and horchata for a simple but incredibly tasty meal sure to please. Oh, and the prices aren’t bad either.

3. So Kong Dong – 2716 W Olympic Blvd

While we’re on the topic of holes-in-the-wall, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant. Every time a friend from out of town visits, I take them here. Why? Because I love Beef bulgogi, kimchi, and that weird watery tea stuff. The waitress is super friendly and will smile if you attempt to speak even two words of Korean (Hello and Thank You are good bets). Who knew living in K-town would have its advantages?

2. El Cholo – 1121 S Western Ave

First off, I do understand the irony of writing about two Hispanic restaurants on Western within a mile of each other both in Koreatown. Now that that’s out in the open, El Cholo is awesome. The interior is dark, the service great, the margaritas strong, and the burritos are large. What more do you need from a classic Mexican restaurant?

1. Pete’s Cafe – 400 S Main St

Pete’s holds a special place in my heart. They serve Hoegaarden and amazing macaroni and cheese. It rides that fine line between classy restaurant and cool downtown bar. I’ve been for just drinks, for just food and everything in between. This place does not disappoint.

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