LA Times Magazine presents “Hollywood’s Golden Boys”

Scott and I met at The Grove earlier tonight to watch Limitless. I snagged a copy of the March 06, 2011 edition of LA Times Magazine featuring Eddie Redmayne on the cover. Leslie Gornstein’s article The Next Factor features actors that she expects to be Hollywood’s next big stars. In her opening paragraph, Gornstein writes:

If only that elusive Hollywood fifth element, aka star quality, were the mere sum of blessed bone structure and an adorably terminal case of bedhead… True stars are born, not groomed… the It factor is strong in these guys.

Gornstein is right that true stars are born, but I think she ignores the great deal of nepotism at play in her list. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think having a famous father discredits talent, but of the nine actors featured, three have incredibly famous relatives. To her credit, she does discuss pertinent lineage in each profile, but to ignore this in her opening assessment of what makes a young star seems like an oversight. Even Toby Hemingway, who lacks any sort of Hollywood royal lineage, has a famous name. Maybe I should’ve changed my name to Baldwin after all…


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