Scott’s Weekend Regret…

We all experience something I like to call “Purchase Regret,” a term loosely defined as your inability to pull the trigger on an expensive-as-hell piece because said piece is expensive-as-hell. I had one such experience at the Burberry outlet store in Cabazon over the weekend.

While walking the aisles amidst other bargain hungry shoppers, I came across the jacket pictured below. The first thing I noticed before trying it on was the heavy insulation and exquisite detailing. Burberry is known for their outerwear, and this jacket absolutely supported the claims. Once on, I couldn’t help but wonder if it hadn’t been tailored to fit me prior to me even learning of its existence. The fit was perfect.

Why I didn’t pull the trigger? Well, the $550 asking price was the first hurtle (although I must divulge that it was marked down over 50%). The second was my inability to justify a purchase living in one of the warmest climates in the United States. Finally, I added an awesome Jcrew peacoat to my wardrobe around Christmastime. Where’s the need?

But, I implore each of you to learn from my mistake and just buy the damn jacket next time. I guarantee with something that well crafted, you won’t regret your decision 10 years later.


Ed Note: Excuse the white jeans, I wasn’t planning on trying on dark overcoats and taking pictures.

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2 Responses to Scott’s Weekend Regret…

  1. Brandon says:

    $550 is ridiculous.

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