Profile: Frank Ocean

Meet Frank Ocean. He might have been born Christopher Breaux, but for all intents and purposes, he’s Frank Ocean. He even legally changed his name to the moniker. It’s a fitting name for a man making his mark with progressive R&B, already having worked with artists like Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Brandy.

We discussed posting the “Yonkers” music video from rapper Tyler the Creator, but decided not to because of the mature content. That said, being that Scott and I love the Fairfax District, we were excited to learn about music supergroup Odd Future, which calls the two block radius of Fairfax Village home. Due in large part to Tyler the Creator’s controversial lyrics, and an influential tweet from Kanye West, Odd Future’s popularity has exploded as of late. While the group is definitely influenced by hip-hop, Frank Ocean proves that there is more to Odd Future than profane rap. There’s also profane R&B. Seriously though, Frank Ocean is a must for your next road trip to Palm Springs. Enjoy!


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