Profile: Sean Avery

My older brother and I grew up playing hockey back in Oregon. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from ice rinks in the Northwest and Canada. I won’t claim to follow professional hockey closely enough to consider myself an expert, but I do know who Sean Avery is, and so should you.

Avery gives every stylish guy in existence a reason to rejoice. Not only is he a total badass, but he’s into fashion (not simply menswear either). Describing his affinity for women’s clothing, Avery says “You do suits and pants and that’s about that. Women’s clothes tell a story. That’s what’s interesting to me.” He’s even interned (yes you read that correctly) at Vogue during the off season simply because he loves being around fashion.

Not many guys can say they’re crazy about contemporary women’s fashion (including yours truly), but I suppose when you play one of the most grueling sports on earth you can get away with making such claims and still hold onto some semblance of your manhood.

Avery’s been a headline grabbing player at hockey’s highest level for years. Known for verbally taunting players on the ice, suspensions for off ice behavior (he reportedly once called out an opposing player at a press conference for dating ex girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert, calling her “sloppy seconds”), and even having a rule added to the books for his questionable play screening a goalie in a 2008 playoff game, Avery certainly doesn’t shy away from attention.

What makes him relevant and important in this realm is his desire to break away from normal constraints and blur the line between what is considered common and just plain weird. Societal norms don’t state that Canadian hockey players should be into haute couture, but then again, who likes societal norms anyways?

Thanks for being awesome Sean.


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