A.P.C. New Cures – Year and a half

We’ve had a few people post about their A.P.C.’s on Rumcake, well actually just Garrett & John, but I thought I’d join anyway. My New Cures were the first pair of raw denim jeans I ever bought (I should tell the truth, Garrett gave them to me as a gift because he stayed on my couch for six years a while ago), thus catapulting my denim obsession into another realm of ridiculous.

The most common query I receive about these jeans is how often they’ve been washed. It’s a tricky answer as they’ve technically been soaked a few times (once in the Columbia river, see image below), and only washed in a machine once, never touching that evil fire breathing mechanism known as a dryer.

I knew when I first put these on that they’d be around for a while. I contemplated taking them in and participating in the Butler Program, but I’ve since decided against it. I’m curious to see how these look in another year, or two, hell even three. I want to take them on trips (I want to take my jeans on trips… who am I?). It’s all about the stories you create and my plan is to experience many more in these blues. But I digress, check out the pictures below and enjoy.


Ed. Note: I spilled coffee on Scott’s brand new Evisu raw denim and my heart dropped, knowing how important they were to him. His response? “All about the stories!”

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