Apparel Brands & Beach Cruisers

Somehow I must have fallen asleep while this trend became popular. In the past three days I’ve now stumbled upon two instances where large labels have produced branded beach cruisers. Perhaps fixies are being replaced?

The first discovery came over the weekend when my buddy Andrew rode a sweet Hurley branded Felt beach cruiser over to my parent’s (rented) beach house on Balboa Island. The plaid rims and fenders caught my eye, very cool attention to detail.

Then this evening I came across a second cruiser from designer James Perse. Considering that I wore my favorite V Neck from said brand today, it struck me as rather fortuitous that I be writing this post. While the same style of bike, the offering from Perse is quite a bit more expensive, and made with significantly nicer components and materials.

Another thing they both have in common? Custom serial numbers. Sweet.


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