American Eagle Spring 2011

It’s not very Hypebeast of me to be discussing American Eagle, and that’s fine. Truth be told, while I very much enjoy reading streetwear blogs, I often find the fashion to be too loud for my tastes. I’m not going to fault a brand for being accessible. While I’ve enjoyed the craftsmanship of what BAPE garments I’ve felt, I always thought it was silly that so much of the brand’s value was based on exclusivity.

Scott and I are big fans of brands like J.Crew, but sometimes I struggle with the costs associated with many of their garments. On a trip to the mall today I walked past American Eagle and their advertisements caught my eye, both because the photography is gorgeous and the clothes look surprisingly great.

This season’s offerings are the best I’ve seen from American Eagle in years, if not ever. Fitted henleys, dark denim jackets & hooded anoraks have a decided Americana theme, while slim chinos and skinny jeans look great opposite faded low-tops and lumberjack boots. With prices consistently lower than competitors, it might be time to revisit American Eagle, a brand I’d forgotten about for the past couple years.


Photos from the American Eagle Spring 2011 Campaign.

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