Nike Dunk SE (Matte Silver/Medium Grey/White)

Scott and I have very similar tastes in fashion. It’s why we started this blog and why we haven’t had a single disagreement in regards to content since its inception. That said, there is one key difference between our preferences in footwear.

While Scott enjoys bright colors, interesting patterns and a range of heights, I almost exclusively wear white low-tops. I grew up wearing white shell-top Adidas lows and bought into the Air Force One kool-aid in high school. In college, realizing my shoes needed updating, I headed to the Vans store and, save for a few pairs of Converse All-Stars, I have consistently worn white Vans canvas slip-on kicks ever since.

My girlfriend has been nice enough to indulge me in a couple pairs of Nike Dunks, but because they feature vibrant colors, I often resort to wearing my plain white shoes rather than spending the time to color coordinate each morning. This weekend while visiting the Nike Store in Santa Monica, I spotted these beautiful Nike Dunk SE shoes in Matte Silver/Medium Grey/White. Looking past Nike’s odd taste in naming colors (isn’t Matte Silver really just Grey?), I can see this pair of shoes getting a lot of usage. The medium grey pairs nicely with both dark blue and black denim, and the white laces give an added personality that plain white shoes don’t. At $45, they were a great bargain and I look forward to putting some miles on them.


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