Why I’ll Be Purchasing the iPad2 on March 11th

I’ve wanted an iPad since it was released last year. I’ve exclusively used Apple products for the past couple of years, and if that makes me a fanboy, so be it. As a photographer, I have found Apple to produce machines that work well with the creative arts in mind, and the iPad is no different. To be able to wirelessly tether my Canon 7D to an iPad during a photoshoot is a powerful, placing a monitor in the hands of a client on location and away from in-studio displays. Additionally, while I still love my printed book, the ability to create customized portfolios for each meeting makes for a more focused and effective presentation tool.

Looking beyond its applications for my business, the iPad 2 will quickly replace my iPhone as my favorite toy. As more and more brick and mortar bookstores go out of business, I find myself opening up to the possibility of investing in eBooks with the iPad. As a Netflix user, I look forward to streaming movies not only during travel, but at home, connecting to my big screen via the newly added HDMI output. Boasting a faster processor, reduced size and weight, and the same 10 hours of battery life, the iPad is the perfect marriage of work and recreation.

I held off on purchasing the original iPad hoping the iPad 2 would be a vast improvement. I’m glad that I did, not because I think the differences between the two are so great, but because I’m a place in my career where I have more use for it. That said, with rumors of the iPad 3 coming in September pretty much extinguished after Jobs’ announcement, I don’t think I’ll wait this time around. Counting the days until March 11th…


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