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First Pair: Evan

Raw denim enthusiasts always remember their first pair of raw denim. My first pair I purchased from H&M in London, unaware of what raw denim even was but a fan of extremely dark denim. After learning more about the appeal … Continue reading

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Raleigh Denim

For those of you looking to get your raw denim fix on a dreary Wednesday, check out the below video about the humble origins of the Raleigh Denim brand. I’ve never personally owned a pair but this video is making … Continue reading

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Trailer Tuesday – Win Win

I’d like to start a new tradition at Rumcake, Trailer Tuesday. Jordan and I love movies, and want to share the ones we’re excited about with you. I’ll kick it off with the new Paul Giamatti film, Win Win. I … Continue reading

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Old School Cool – Cary Grant and Rod Taylor

Last weekend, I watched my very first Alfred Hitcock movie – North by Northwest – about a Madison Avenue ad executive caught fighting for his life at the hands of an international ring of spies out to do him in. … Continue reading

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Favorite LA Restaurants: Jordan

I read Scott’s post and just as he predicted, I felt compelled to write my own Top 5 list. These restaurants are in no particular order, it was like choosing which child was my favorite. Jordan Gaby’s Mediterranean – 10445 … Continue reading

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Craft: DIY Beauty Dish

When it comes to spending large sums of money on photography equipment, I tend to do exhaustive research. I decided that I needed to add a beauty dish to my arsenal of light modifiers, and in the process of researching … Continue reading

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Favorite LA Restaurants: Scott

I like the idea of Top 5 lists. They’re easy to read, easy to write, and they adaquately convey multiple thoughts in a concise method. There will be more of these, but I wanted to kick it off by highlighting … Continue reading

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Review: “Twelve”

Nick McDonell burst onto the lit scene as a teenage prodigy. Publishing the best-selling novel Twelve before his senior prom, McDonell has been lauded as this generation’s Hunter S. Thompson, a fitting title given that Thompson is the young author’s … Continue reading

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LA Times Magazine presents “Hollywood’s Golden Boys”

Scott and I met at The Grove earlier tonight to watch Limitless. I snagged a copy of the March 06, 2011 edition of LA Times Magazine featuring Eddie Redmayne on the cover. Leslie Gornstein’s article The Next Factor features actors … Continue reading

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Scott’s Weekend Regret…

We all experience something I like to call “Purchase Regret,” a term loosely defined as your inability to pull the trigger on an expensive-as-hell piece because said piece is expensive-as-hell. I had one such experience at the Burberry outlet store … Continue reading

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