NYLONguys Fails to Cover Desert Boots

I am an avid reader of menswear publications and have followed NYLONguys for a couple years now. While I usually find their content to be top notch, and they turned me onto one of my favorite new authors Charlie Huston, I saw something in the current issue that made me question their taste. The magazine features different trends that they deem worthy, things like flannel shirts, backpacks and denim. One of the trends featured in this month’s issue was something Scott is quite fond of, desert boots. Yet even though they were the originator of the style, and are viewed as a hallmark of quality across generational lines, Nylon didn’t feature Clarks as one of their 8 favorite looks (pictured below). Paying no mind to the fact that the desert boots from Opening Ceremony are almost painful to look at, to not mention the original is bordering on blasphemous. My favorite, and coincidentally the nearest match to Clarks, is the boots from Topman (top right). Really though, why pay $80 at Topman when Clarks are only $100, sometimes even less if you catch a good deal at Zappos.

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