Store Profile: Jean Shop

I had grand expectations that I’d be able to stop into a few different denim stores while in New York and actually, you know, do some shopping. However, reality came crashing down in the form of dreaded work, leaving me with little time to do much of anything else. However, I did manage to stop into both of Jean Shop‘s Manhattan locations.

Prior to my trip, I’d tried on a few pairs of Jean Shop jeans and heard about the brand at work (same founders), but had yet to see one of their stores up close. Lucky enough for me, my hotel was right around the corner from the smaller, much more intimate Meatpacking store. The walls are filled with denim on top of precious selvedge denim, with pricey leather jackets filling out the remainder of the blank space. The Soho shop was even better, upon entrance we were offered a shot of liquor to warm up from the cold (politely declined due to the time of day, although rather tempting), and the larger shop space provided a great environment to look around and really get a feel for the brand.

If you’re ever in NYC and are looking for quality, American made selvedge denim, stop by Jean Shop.


435 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014


424 W Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Thanks Google Maps!

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One Response to Store Profile: Jean Shop

  1. Bob H says:

    It is amazing how much the Meatpacking District has changed over the years. Using commas next to parentheses is redundant, however. One or the other would suffice.

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