X-Men: First Class

The official trailer for X-Men: First Class has been welcomed with a great deal of well-deserved fanfare. The next chapter in the X-Men series of films takes a look at the origin of the story’s patriarch, Professor Xavier. Prior to watching the spot, I wasn’t sure who I could see filling the much younger shoes of Patrick Stewart, who brilliantly portrayed the senior role. James McAvoy, who was excellent in The Last King of Scotland, seems apt at carrying on the legacy.

Wolverine, the most recent X-Men release and another origins film, received a lot of criticism from both fans and critics. While I didn’t really enjoy seeing Will.I.Am attempt acting, I have always been impressed with David Benioff’s writing and enjoyed the film for what it was: entertaining popcorn fare. Benioff did not return to scribe this effort, but the producers seemed to hedge their bets, calling on a writing team whose credits include Thor, Fringe & Kick Ass. Couple that with the director of Layer Cake and you have the recipe for something rarely accomplished in this industry, a blockbuster with substance.

Just when I was getting tired of superhero movies, this comes along…

– J.

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