Travel Plans: Scott’s NYC Denim Journey

Lucky enough for me, the publication Time Out New York finds its way to my office weekly. While most of the content is irrelevant considering I live on the west best coast, I’ll be visiting the big apple next week so I checked out their site looking for some travel tips. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a great article that has provided a framework for what I like to call: Scott’s NYC Denim Journey. My plan is to hit up the shops listed below and write a follow up post with pictures and maybe even some new indigo to show you next weekend.


430 W 14th St between Ninth Ave and Washington St

An entire block worth of denim goodness? Count me in.


644 Broadway at Bleecker St

In-house DJ, expensive jeans and New York just sounds too interesting to pass on.


131 Mercer St between Prince and Spring Sts

Considering the LA boutique is in a tiny renovated house, it’ll be interesting to see the product merchandised in a larger space.

Jean Shop

435 W 14th St at Washington St

I’ve been a fan of this brand for years but never had a chance to see the product in-store, no better time than the present!

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