Black, White & Grey: A Study in Color, or Lack Thereof

Few colors pair together as nicely as the neutral tones of black, white & grey. Look at the cast of AMC’s “Mad Men” sometime. You’ll notice beautiful grey suits paired with white shirts & solid black ties, or a crisp black suit and white shirt styled with charcoal neckwear. I got together with my good friend Shy Taylor, a model based in Los Angeles, to shoot some updated images for his portfolio. I asked Shy to bring some pieces from his personal wardrobe for the test shoot, and what he brought was a perfect example of why I love neutral tones.

These slim black jeans are from Obey, a brand typically known for Shepard Fairey’s iconic imagery. They feature a great cut, soft fabric and a nice reprieve from traditional dark indigo raw denim. Black denim doesn’t present challenges, however. Wearing a black shirt makes you look like a caterer, and wearing a dark shade of blue will clash. When I decide to wear black denim, I do what Shy does and stick to grey and white shirts. This grey v-neck is well-tailored, as all basic t-shirts in your closet should be. I also love this H&M white henley, and it also looks smashing with black denim. Black doesn’t have to be limited to denim, though. The same H&M henley in black looks just as sharp, especially when paired with a grey scarf.

Shy can be booked through M Model Management @ 323.658.8382.

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