New Standards: Three Months

3 Months of Wear. 0 Washes.

What can I say? Well, it has been another month and I have yet to wash my jeans. Before I begin to discuss the denim, I feel it’s necessary to remind people how fast time flies. People often take time for granted and this particular pair of jeans has offered a good reminder to take advantage of every moment.

The denim has finally begun to take shape.  Stretching a bit looser than I originally had anticipated, I am still pleased with the overall fit. The back right pocket has formed to my wallet and has real definition. The honeycombs are still crispy and layer differently every time.

On the front of the jeans you will notice whiskers lightly forming above the thighs that should make for some solid fades. Rotating denim for work purposes, it has been difficult for consistent daily wear, which only means I will need to wear the denim for a longer period of time. But, not to fear, these bad boys will get some good detail during this weekend’s Southern CA road trip.

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