Time Lapse Video of Raw Denim

ABC News recently profiled Canadian college student Josh Le, who wore his Nudie jeans for 15 months without washing them. This report, while shocking to some, is common fare for most denim enthusiasts. It’s generally understood that it is best to avoid washing raw denim for at least nine months while breaking in a new pair. This breaking in period avoids damaging the denim with abrasive detergents or fading too much of the indigo with warm water before wear patterns develop.

Still, it’s great to see such a lengthy commitment to breaking in a pair of raw denim get news coverage. Personally, I’m curious to know if the “Febreeze and freeze” kept the smell away. My favorite part of the story was that Josh had the foresight to make a time lapse video of the process, so for those interested in seeing before & after images of raw denim during a break in period, enjoy…

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