Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Gift giving can be an intimidating process. It’s hard enough to think of things you want for yourself, let alone know what other people want! We don’t presume to know everything that your boyfriend is looking for this Valentine’s Day, but we think these gifts, ranging in price, will go over great for your hubby this February.


With Spring and Summer right around the corner, sunglasses are a great Valentine’s day present for the man in your life. We lean towards the classics, and have been lovers of Ray-Ban for years. The Wayfarer has been one of Ray-Ban’s most successful offerings for over 50 years, a nostalgic design that calls to mind early 60’s rock and roll. Ray-Ban also offers a great Aviator design, for all you Top Gun and Michael Jackson enthusiasts. Simply put, either of these designs are pretty timeless and great values at just around $100. If you’re in a newer relationship and don’t want to drop that kind of coin, check out these Wayfarers by 55mm and EP Aviators from our friends at 80’s Purple. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, 80’s Purple is a great California-based online retailer and their pricing and selection are unbeatable. 


Valentine’s Day isn’t just an opportunity to get your boyfriend something he likes, it’s an opportunity to get something that you’ll like on him as well. We’ve profiled some great cologne offerings on this blog, but here’s a quick recap of our favorites, ranging from $10 to $300. Old Spice Eau de Cologne Classic is an incredible value at $10, a perfect addition to your gift bag, and hell, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 wears it, so it’s gotta be good. Hugh Parsons is a great sporty scent, and a bargain at $85 in my eyes. Price in between Old Spice and Hugh Parsons are Chanel Homme Allure Sport and Varvatos Vintage, great everyday scents for the young professional. Lastly, Green Irish Tweed by Creed has real movie-star quality for the A-lister in your life, but at almost $300, it’s a larger investment.

Bags, Backpacks, Satchels & Things

We don’t require them to be on our person at all times, but men love luggage too. Packing and compartmentalizing for business meetings or vacation, at some point everyone requires a great bag. Even when I’m leaving the country, I like to challange myself to pack all of my belongings into a single pack. As such, many of the bags featured here are compact, here are my favorites… The Fjallraven Anniversary Kanken Backpack from Ron Herman has a military surplus feel, and I love it in both black and brown. I fell in love with the kolor x Porter Backpack available online through Japanese retailer Beams. The gray/taupe/white colorway in suede is beautiful and it provides more storage than other items featured here, perfect for a quick trip overseas. Lastly, the Nigel Cabourn Army Satchel is probably my favorite bag featured here, though much more suitable for travel than everyday office use. The design of the bag was informed by WWII military surplus luggage and the construction seems incredibly solid.


I’m unabashed about my love for Aldo boots. The price is right, but beyond that, they are one of the most progressive, casual boot companies I’ve come across in general. My favorites are the Horsford and the Umphrey. On the more casual front, I really have enjoyed the latest offerings from Vans. The Vans OTW Woessner in grey wool is an incredibly sharp looking lace-up, and could easily travel from the creative office environment into a night of drinks and debauchery. I also like the Vans Zapato Slip CA 2, available from Proper.

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