Looking Sharp on a Budget: Part 3

I began this series by profiling complete outfits that could be purchased from a single retailers for under $75. A successful first week of shopping at Target led to actually beating the goal of $75, clocking in at just over $60. The bar was set high for week two, where I successful styled a complete outfit from Macy’s for only $56. For week three, I attempted to beat that price at another popular retail chain, Urban Outfitters. Here’s what I came up with…

Urban Outfitters isn’t exactly cheap, as they have a lot of garments over $100 from some very premier lines. That said, their sale section, both online and in stores, is unbeatable. Heading to the clearance rack, I immediately spotted this BDG Overlocked Crew-Neck Shirt in White. At $4.99, it was a great place to start layering. Next, I found this great, slouchy Standard Cloth Raw Edge Cardigan for $19.99, and personally, I think the our white shirt pairs much nicer than the black shirt featured in the product shots. Moving towards trousers, I wanted to deviate from denim a little bit this week, so I was pleased to find this BDG Straight 5-Pocket Corduroy Pant for $19.99. This pant comes in a ridiculous number of colors, and I almost decided on olive, but stuck with gray for versatility when it came to footwear. Lastly, the UO Plimsoll Sneaker for $9.99 was a great option, available in seven colors, all very classic in design and appearance. I chose this wonderful rose-gray that brings a little unexpected finish to the ensemble.

In the end, we beat last week’s shopping challenge, clocking in at only $54.96. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, it’s been fun to push the boundaries on shopping and styling on a budget, but because I don’t know if I can beat $54, this might be the final chapter of Looking Sharp on a Budget. You never know, though, maybe I’ll spot some killer deals in the future… You’ll have to check back to see!

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