$65 Outfit Challenge Part 2: Macy’s

Earlier this week I chronicled the assembly of a complete outfit from a single retailer for under $75. The end result was a sharp casual ensemble that was actually closer to $65, raising the bar for part 2 of this challenge where I moved the shopping from Target to Macy’s. Here’s what I found…

I built the outfit around this great Rugby Sweater by Slade Wilder. I’m not too familiar with the brand, but the cut seems nice and trim and I love the vintage feel that rugby prints bring to sweaters and polo shirts. At $19.99, it was a solid place to start. Because I’ve always found that a crisp white Oxford shirt looks great underneath a slim-fitting sweater, I found this Alfani RED Button Front Shirt for $10.99. It has a micro-check called “watermint”, but it’s pretty unnoticeable and even if it were, it fits with the color palette we’re going for anyway. Alfani RED makes some excellent suits and formal shirts in a more European cut and I’ve found their construction to be solid as well. From there I found these American Rag Rotary Jeans for $14.99, a low-rise straight leg cut that looks trim. I could’ve found quality raw denim at Macy’s, but the object of this series isn’t to find garments with exorbitant price tags, it’s to find great looking clothing at recession appropriate prices. Thus, while the “Rotary” is a washed denim, it looks nice and dark and for our purposes has the same clean presentation as dark indigo raw denim after a month or two of wear. Lastly, I found these Jonas Sneakers by American Rag for $10.99, which I preferred in the gray/white pinstripe. While Converse One-Star seemed to present the most options at Target, American Rag was a brand that consistently offered sharp clothing at great prices over at Macy’s.

The final price tag for this purchase would be $56.96. There were additional sales offers not included in that price as well, but because our Target purchase reflected everyday value, I wanted our Macy’s purchase to as well. Plus, it’s going to be hard to beat $56.96 next week!

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