Birkenstock Sandals

This post is likely to be polarizing, and before I go any further I should say that Jordan had no hand in this idea as he, like many others, would possibly feel embarrassed to be associated with such iconic footwear.

Birkenstock sandals are a lifestyle. I remember growing up in beautiful Portland, OR I’d go down to the neighborhood birkenstock store (which is still there mind you, a sign of the success this brand name has in my state) and purchase a new pair every four years or so. Not because it was necessary to replace them, but rather my feet would outgrow the previous pair, (my last pair took me from eighth grade through to my junior year in college… pure quality).

About a month ago, I picked up a new pair of the Boston from a larger retailer who began carrying the brand recently. It seems that they may be making some sort of resurgence and you won’t see a bit of complaint from yours truly. While others may be busy calling you “Granola” for your taste in German footwear that just happens to be associated with the hippy population, you’ll be strutting comfortably in your anatomically correct footbeads wrapped in quality leather.

Pair the Boston clog with a pair of washed denim and a tee shirt for more casual outings or with socks, dark denim, and a button up for more discerning settings. The Arizona, while certainly Birkenstock’s signature piece, is a bit less versatile as it doesn’t cover your feet and should be carefully selected anytime when the sun isn’t out.

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