Looking Sharp on a Budget

We blog about a lot of really amazing garments, but we fully recognize that in current economic times, it’s hard to purchase every piece you fall in love with. I’m a firm believer that you can look sharp on pretty much any budget by falling my one simple rule: keep things simple. I read a great interview with Vin Diesel in Details in 2004 that discussed, among other things, his taste in fashion. Diesel’s belief was that one should wear timeless pieces and before leaving the house, consider how the outfit will look in photographs five, ten years down the line. Had I followed his advice, I probably never would’ve worn many of the graphic t-shirts that I did in college, but teenagers do crazy things.

I have an unabashed love of the store Target. You can truly purchase pretty much anything, and that includes a great outfit on a budget. Having purchased quite a few pieces from my wardrobe at Target in the past, I decided to peruse the store’s website with the ambitious goal of creating a complete outfit for $75. Here’s what I found…

I fell in love with the Converse One Star Henley in what they call Magic Blue, a light blue with hints of gray, for $9.98. Building the outfit around this piece, I found the Converse Double Layer Lawn Shirt in White/Gray/Blue for $19.98. Because the pieces are from the same design house, the color tones match up really well. Not wanting to inundate you with blue, I opted for gray skinny denim for the lower half. The Men’s Authentics by Levi Strauss in Titanium had a nice medium color that should fade nicely, and is cut decidedly slimmer than other offerings at Target. I did spot this same cut in a dark rigid indigo, about as close as we could hope to raw denim at Target, but the gray denim really balances the outfit. Lastly, I really enjoyed the Merona Travis Canvas Oxford Shoes in Navy. While Converse offers some great pieces at Target, their “One-Star” sneakers are noticeably different from the traditional Converse All-Stars, and I much preferred the subtler, more nautical look of the Travis Canvas Oxfords.

All in all, this outfit rings up at $77.93, but if you spend over $75 at Target.com, they’ll knock an extra 20% off your bill and offer free shipping. In the end, you’ll have a great looking outfit for just over $60, and that’s tough to argue with.

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