Tyler Hilton: January Residency at The Hotel Cafe

Tyler Hilton is a talented singer/songwriter. Hailing from one of my favorite places, Palm Springs, he made his first big mark years ago with the hit single “When It Comes” and has since acted on “One Tree Hill” and as Elvis in “Walk The Line” alongside Joaquin Phoenix. I missed his tour stops in California a couple months back so when I noticed he was performing at The Hotel Cafe last night, I jumped at the chance. For those that don’t know, The Hotel Cafe is one of the most beloved acoustic music venues that Los Angeles has to offer. It’s a warm room full of people who actually care about music.

Hilton performed selections from his past albums as well as some covers, closing with The Rolling Stones “Paint It, Black”. At one point, Tyler called his friend Michelle Branch (pictured above) on stage to duet, something the crowd got a kick out of, myself included. Overall, the night couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Actually, John Mayer showed up later on and played an unannounced surprise show, so that would’ve been nice to see… Still, if you’re in Los Angeles this month and have a Saturday free, seeing Tyler Hilton play at The Hotel Cafe is well worth the $12.

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One Response to Tyler Hilton: January Residency at The Hotel Cafe

  1. Anna says:

    Swoon!!! Love Tyler Hilton!

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