Rapha Performance Denim

I have to start by giving credit to my good friend Brandon for sending this my way. As you’re well aware, I’m a big fan of new denim experiments, and any excuse I have to mix cycling with denim is cool in my book. For those of you fond of transportation via two wheels, check out Rapha Performance Denim. In case you don’t know, Rapha has been around for some time now, providing high quality cycling clothing to the this generation’s yuppy wealthy riders.

The fabric used in this creation is a denim/nylon mix, providing stretch where cyclists need it most, while the actual cut of the jeans is intended to fit best in a forward riding position. At 150 British Pounds, ($233.00), these aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but then again that’s not what Rapha is known for. I can tell you with some certainty that products bearing the Rapha logo, while sometimes absurdly expensive, will be well crafted and made from fine materials, so these particular trousers are a good investment for those intending to both put on the miles and look good doing it.

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