Nike Destroyer Jacket

As far as trendiness is concerned, sometimes I’m a bit behind the power curve. I say this because completely unbeknownst to myself, the letterman jacket has become relevant again. The Nike Destroyer Jacket was the center of much attention during Holiday 10, (This could also mean that Hypebeast posted about it a lot… I understand that saying this may make me a poser). Will I wind up buying one? Probably. Will I wear it much in LA? Probably not. I can’t wait to match it with some dunks and denim though…

I’ll leave you with a video from Nike Sportswear’s “Destroy to Create” campaign used to promote the jacket. Coming up with compelling ideas to promote a timeless piece strikes me as difficult, but they were able to capture something unique without going so creatively overboard that they fail to communicate a message. Well done.

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