Style: Clarks Desert Boots

A late Christmas present arrived last night and made me a pretty happy guy. Apparently Santa does read Christmas lists.

The boots feel great. I’d suggest buying a full size down (I’m wearing a 9.5 and normally rock a 10.5) and to definitely try before you buy. I’ve sprayed them with your average sealant to keep them looking fresh as long as possible.

In case you’re wondering, the quote on the side of the shoe box reads:

From iconic styles that have never gone out of fashion to designs that are right for the times. From classics, revived, replicated and reinterpreted to new looks inspired as much by our past as by the here and now. There is nothing quite like Clarks Originals. Never has been. Never Will be.


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3 Responses to Style: Clarks Desert Boots

  1. Look sharp, and that red selvedge strip looks fantastic! – J.

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