Weird Stuff from Naked and Famous

Jordan and I were taking our routine walk through Barney’s Co-Op at the Grove the other day when we came across the latest denim invention from Canadian brand Naked and Famous. Now, I’ve owned a pair of the grey selvedge Weird Guys for almost a year now and can tell you I’m very satisfied with the fit, construction and denim quality put forth by this burgeoning brand, but the thing that gets me most amped to write about is their continued willingness to push the industry envelope and produce items that are, well, kind of weird.

Exhibit A: Camel Hair Denim

Yes, you read that correctly. N&F has made a pair of traditional five pocket denim jeans for sale through Barney’s that is comprised of 30% authentic camel hair. Why? I have no idea, but I love it.

Exhibit B: Elephant Selvedge

Unlike the previous example, this name simply refers to the unique heavy weight of the denim, not the fabric’s content. Your normal premium raw denim jeans will run you anywhere from 12 to 14 ounces in the weight department, (for those of you who don’t know, denim weight is measured by weighing one square yard of “loom-state” denim, and is commonly used to appraise the quality of a pair of jeans. The heavier the denim, generally the more premium the jean), where as this pair weighs in around 19 ounces. I tried these on at American Rag and was dumbfounded at the fabric’s thickness. Let’s face it, N&F isn’t the first brand to attempt to produce absurdly heavy weight denim jeans, but they’re one of the few.

Exhibit C: Cashmere Denim

In almost the exact opposite vein as Elephant Denim, N&F decided to produce a comfortable, soft fabric to incorporate in their different fits… enter Cashmere denim. Utilizing 8% cashmere in the weave, this fabric is softer and significantly more comfortable than traditional denim. It even sounds premium, doesn’t it?

Needless to say, I’m pumped about the new offerings from Naked and Famous. Here’s to hoping they continue pushing the envelope in 2011 and beyond.


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