A.P.C. Butler

If you haven’t already heard about A.P.C.’s Butler program, let me be the first to fill you in. After purchasing your raw denim jeans and wearing them religiously for months or years, you can now return them to A.P.C. in exchange for a discount on your next pair. In the meantime, the originals are washed, patched, ironed and sold to the next person as custom-worn. Personally I find the thought of wearing a pair of jeans that someone else suffered to break in a bit lazy, but a discount on a new pair of jeans might be reason enough to participate.

Who knows, while scouring the local vintage store ten years from now I could come across the same pair I wrote my initials in, (something required to participate… I suppose it adds to the authenticity), and exchanged many moons ago.

Talk about meta.

Source: A.P.C. Journal

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