DIY Selvedge Cutoffs

Scott loves denim shorts. A Portland hipster at heart, denim shorts are a practical way to beat the heat in Los Angeles. After finding some selvedge denim at a sample sale, Scott decided to convert the denim into shorts because he wasn’t happy with the looser fit or wash. Here is our step by step process for turning your old selvedge denim into fantastic selvedge “jorts” for the summer! These probably won’t fly anywhere but the NW or Palm Springs, but what do you have to lose?

1. Try on the denim and mark your cutting point. Make sure to leave room for a small cuff if that’s what you prefer… and with selvedge denim, why not?
2. Use a straight edge to create a solid line to cut the denim.
3. Use sharp scissors to cut the line.
4. If you prefer to cuff the shorts, fold up one inch and use some strong fabric glue to hold the crease.
5. Strategically place an over/under stitch on corner, seams to keep the cuff in place.
5. Enjoy! Pairs great with a tank top or plaid shirt!

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