Rainer Spehl Macbook Case

We are unabashed fans of Hypebeast, but my morning perusing left me with some questions regarding the Blackbox Case featured for Apple users. My MacBook Pro is my lifeline, something that I use day and night for both work and leisure. Thus, I am someone who can appreciate investing in accessories for your primary electronics. While the Blackbox Case is innovative, it leaves a great deal of the laptop exposed, and is secured by a canvas snap-strap. Let’s be honest, a wooden case probably isn’t the most practical accessory for everyday use, but it’s a wonderful idea for those that do a great deal of traveling and would like a sturdy enclosure for flights.

I came across this wooden enclosure by Rainer Spehl and I think it succeeds on two key points. First, it keeps the entirety of your laptop safe and secure, using the same magnet technology that keeps the laptop screen shut to lock the wooden lid. Inside, the case features plush leather lining for your laptop to rest against. I’m not recommending this case for everyday use, but for someone who wants to pack a laptop and know that it’ll arrive in good working order, I think the Rainer Spehl case makes a great deal of sense.

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